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Getting started is easy! An application is required once each school year for new as well as returning learners.

We contact you as soon as possible to conduct our brief interview and answer questions. Once approved, your online application will be considered “accepted” once we receive your deposit payment of $50.

Returning: We’ll also contact you ASAP to make sure we’re all on the same page. Your online application will be considered “accepted” once we receive your deposit payment of $50.

All applicants should act now to save $10 by applying online!

All applicants need to read and agree to the Educator/Learner Agreement, FAQ’s, Lab Guidelines & Regulations, and Communication about attendance.


We aim for 10-12 learners per class.  Act now before classes are filled! We will build a waiting list as needed for each location.

Welcome to Science with Dr. Dan!

I am really looking forward to teaching General Science, Physical Science, Biology, Chemistry and Advanced Biology. My desire is that you will grow in your understanding and appreciation for the world we live in and that you will develop improved academic and scientific skills. As your teacher, I am committed to planning and preparing lessons that I believe will help you reach those and your own personal goals.

Your Responsibility

My expectation for you, as a student, is that you will maintain a positive attitude about the work and activities I assign, and that you will put forth your best effort in completing them. I will expect you to prepare before each class by reading the assigned information in your book(s), and completing the “on your own” questions. If you are unable to understand something, bring your questions(s) in writing to the next class and I will do my best to help you understand.

You should plan on spending about 1 hour per day on Biology or Chemistry (in addition to the three hours once a week of instruction time) in order to complete the reading, the “on your own” questions, the study guide and the self-test within those 2 weeks. General Science may take a little less time, depending on the learner.

You are also expected to bring your textbook, note taking notebook, a 3-ring binder for your lab notebook, pen and pencil, and a heart to learn to each class.

General Science: Please read ahead to know when to bring lab items.
Biology: Please read ahead to know when to bring your slides, microscope, colored pencils, dissection kit and other items.
Chemistry: Please read ahead to know when to bring lab items.

All classes: check your e-mail regularly as we often do MORE than just the textbook labs!!! I expect that you, under your parents’ supervision, will complete the study guides and self-tests for each section at the same pace that we go through the book.

My Responsibility

The class instruction I provide will cover the major points included in each topic, and the lab will include most of the experiments relating to that topic. As time permits, additional demonstrations, and ‘hands on’ activities will be used to supplement and reinforce the concepts. We will take approximately 2 weeks to complete each subject unit.

Please note: these classes are intended to cover the major concepts found in their respective textbooks. I will also supplement information from a wide variety of other sources to add to the depth of understanding with an emphasis on application. You will get much more info and hands-on learning than by just reading one “textbook” at home on your own!

In addition, each week we will begin with a short “learning tool” quiz reviewing the information from the previous week’s class and lab. The quiz will be on the honor system and will help me to see if a particular concept needs more explanation. How your parent chooses to incorporate your quiz scores into your grade is up to them.

If I need to be excused from a class, I agree to contact Dr. Dan Korow and my lab partner as soon as possible.

Parent’s Responsibility

Parents/guardian are responsible for checking and then grading tests found in your respective textbooks. Your final overall class grade will be determined by your parent/guardian/RC as a compilation of your test scores from the text, and instructor’s report on quizzes during class, lab notebook, participation during class, desire to learn and attendance. What weight you consider the learner’s in class quiz score in entirely up to you. Remember, you still need to participate in your child’s education!

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Advanced Biology Lab Materials
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  9. You will be expected to pay ½ the cost of a fetal pig with your lab partner. Dr. Dan will order those shortly after class begins. You will be invoiced for approximately $20-30 depending on costs and shipping. You will be asked to use a text book and read it prior to each class.
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