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GJ Why Choose Dr Dan?

Real families love Dr Dan Science! Watch/hear what they say!

Posted by Dr. Dan Science on Thursday, January 7, 2016

Who knew Science could be this fun?

Online Classes

We now offer online classes  available worldwide! Ask us how you can take classes anywhere in the world.

HD Video Courses

All of our classes are filmed in front of a live student base. Enjoy the convenience of attending class right from your home in HD with our video streaming service which is included in each student enrollment.


Online Quizzes

Not only are our classes filmed live, so are the quizes. What’s even more outrageous is that every question is answered in full detail by Dr. Dan himself right before your eyes, so in the off chance that a student chooses an incorrect answer, he discusses how he came to the conclusion.

Lab Experiments

What kind of fun would a science class be if we didn’t do experiments? Well, Dr. Dan takes you through each experiment live and sometimes you’ll see deep inside a microscope and other times he’ll be putting his protective gear on for an explosive event.

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